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American Record Guide, July, Aubust 2012.
"Dusty corners of the literature require as much artistic commitment as a headline piece, and the performers here accept that challenge. King boasts a delightfully resonant sound that is intimate, yet easily heard over a lush orchestra. Her fingers and articulation are amazingly nimble, and her phrasing has natural grace and color. While the chromatic passages in the Strauss are clean, the listener will appreciate the difficulty. Colon is a great partner on the Sierra, as she matches King perfectly in beauty of sound, technical skill, and musicianship. Not to be outdone, the Prague Chamber Orchestra plays with great drive, understanding, and professionalism.

American Record Guide, May, June 2004, Vol 67, No 3, p. 202-203.
Ritter: "Ms. King is fast on the ascent of my top five oboe players list." On Goossens: Ms. King's lithe, soft, exquisite tone and marvelous tecnhique move this one right up there. She understands the concerto very well, makes all the right turns of phrase, and feels the music's natural ebb and flow. This is a delectable reading, not to be missed. This recording should inspire others to take it up." On Vaughan-Williams: "Now Nancy King has given us a bold, breathtakingly beautiful reading that surpasses any other. She plays Vaughan Williams' long lines, not only with delicacy, but also with an intense, almost rapturous sound that is second to none in expressivity and gradation. Delightful!". On Martinu: "It would be hard to surpass this very strong reading by Ms. King. Once again, she shows herself a stylistic chameleon, able to adapt to the requirements of the moment. The notes are easy to understand and interesting. Nancy Ambrose King just goes from strength to strength in her recording career".

American Record Guide, Sept/Oct 2010 issues. Review of �Structures� University of Michigan Symphony Band and Higdon Concerto. �Nancy Ambrose King has a gorgeous tone and plays with heartfelt expression�.

Fanfare , Winter 2010 "There never is... any doubt regarding soloist Nancy Ambrose King. She is superlative."

American Record Guide, May/June 2003, Vol 66, No 3, p 107:
Ritter: "a lovely player with a tone that surpasses that of most other American oboe soloists. It defines delicacy, yet is strangely assertive, like a soft-spoken woman who nonetheless speaks up strongly when her mind is made up. Ms. King's technical ability far overshadows the considerable demands of the music. Unquestionably qualified".

Classical Music on the Web, British Musical Society, April 2004. RECORDING OF THE MONTH. "Ms Ambrose King�s tone is ample, fruity, catching the woody temper of the instrument. Her breath control is excellent without choppiness and the key action is silent. Her Mozart is playful and spiritual as required...this present version goes straight to the top as the disc of choice if you want to hear the RVW Oboe Concerto. This is lovingly done and the work is made to sound neither drily neo-classical nor audaciously impressionistic. The character of the countryside piper, jaunty and musing, as at the end of the middle movement is well put across by Ms Ambrose King. This is the only collection of these works. For those having a taste for the oboe, pitched in harmonious partnership with the orchestra, the choice is clear. All concerned can take a well-deserved bow for this one and the Vaughan Williams and Mozart are gorgeous." Rob Barnett.

American Record Guide, January/February 2000, Vol 63, No 1, pp201-202:
Ritter: �soft-spoken, utterly supple tone�� �her Ravel is sultry and seductive, taken at a perfect tempo, as is the Ibert. Dring�s Italian Dance is a real smoker and quite tuneful. The Bacewicz Sonatina is a wonder of nuance and expression, while the very welcome Evocations for solo oboe oboe by Tomasi gets a much-needed and appreciated reading. Ms. King is so enthusiastic in her redition of the Kalliwoda that she almost had me convinced the piece was worth something! But the biggest, most meaningful, and pleasant surprise for me is the delicately gorgeous reading of Britten�s Six Metamorphoses After Ovid. Marvelously evocative, full of character, and as musically descriptive as any I have heard. Congratulations to Nancy Ambrose King for a stirring recital.�

Winter edition, The Double Reed , Vol. 26 No 4. pp. 130-131. Leslie Odom: "Once again Nancy Ambrose King performs standard oboe repertoire and takes it to a higher level of musicality. Ms. King's fluid technique, combined with clean and accurate articulations, makes the most complex passages flow and sounds effortless. Combine these aspects with a beautiful tone and a sensitive touch in the lyrical passages, all oboists have a new level to which to strive. "

"The ease with which King plays the last several measures is simply remarkable. Her seamless melodic lines sound truly controlled, unforced and graceful. But for those of us who play oboe, we know just how hard it really can be!" "Both Porter's and King's playing seems natural and spontanewous, with incredibly accurate articulations in fast technical passages. " "Ms. King demonstrates the epitome of control and musicality throughout this movement, playing as though the entire movement is truly effortless. Again, the technical control of both performers is remarkable, along with their excellent pitch, balance and ensemble playing".

American Record Guide, Sept/Oct Issue, Vol. 66 no 5, p. 218. Johnson. Review of "Porter-Ambrose King". "Their warm sounds blend well and they are consistent in their musical ideas and expressions". "Porter and King find a nice balance between the playful and serious aspects".
Flute Talk Magazine May/June 2003. " This 56 minute recording of chamber music for flute, oboe and piano is interesting because it includes a delightful and various selection of music. The recording is valuable as an example of excellent repertoire for this combination and the flute playing is exceptional throughout, as is the oboe performance."

The Dutch Flute Society Magazine, Holland, June 2003 "What a happy opening to a CD! The Trio by Dring has so much power! Finally, a good overview of pieces for flute and oboe with a lot of variety. This CD is very good for amateurs and a clear choice for students. If there is interest in this repertoire this CD is an absolute must. The American musicians play excellently. Very in tune, very carefully phrased and therefore the music becomes even more transparent. Excellent changes in character and nice to listen to."

Double Bassist Magazine, Number 10, Autumn 1999, p. 62. Review of �Exhortations� CD. �Nancy Ambrose King is the excellent oboist in Exhortation II, comprising four short character pieces which exploit different facets of the instrument.� Robin Stowell.

American Record Guide, July/August 1999 issue: p. 166. Review of Sinfonia live Ravel/DeFalla CD. �hushed and burnished sonority from an uncommonly strong woodwind section.�. Young.

American Record Guide, vol 61 no 1, P. 215. January/February 1998. �This is a fine exhibition of thoroughly musical oboe playing, and Ms King should be heard from again�.

Fanfare, vol 21, no 3, p. 237. January/February 1998. �Nancy Ambrose King is clearly a skilled musician of great promise, with a sterling technique�.

Decatur Herald-Tribune: �Oboe Player overcomes career-ending injuries�. April 16, 1999.

The Double Reed, vol 21, no 3, pp. 80 - 81. ��thoughtful, expressive, and perfectly controlled performance �consummate accuracy. It's not that she makes it sound easy--she makes it sound perfect.�

The Double Reed, vol 21, no. 3, pp. 69-70. December 1998. �Her playing is effortless with a wide variety of tone colors�wonderfully expressive playing�.

The Oakland Press, Detroit, MI. Friday, November 5, 1998. ��the sheer brilliance of King�s performance may be the season�s highlight�.

Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette. Thursday, September 18, 1997. �What we heard loud (and sof) and long all evening was that we have a major artist in our midst�.

The Double Reed
, vol 19. No 1. �A Conversation with Nancy Ambrose King�. Spring 1996.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Monday, January 26, 1987. ��strong phrasing and solid bright tone�.

Rhine-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg, Germany. Tuesday, August 26, 1986. �Mozart�s Oboe Quartet was, without doubt, the high point of the matinee concert for the large crowd assembled�.